Team Rhino Crash Course – December 16th – REGISTER NOW!!!!

Hello Team Rhino!

If you have been listening to our Team Calls and watching the Facebook group and you went to a Super Saturday, you know that Beachbody just launched a new training program for coaches called “Coach Basics”. The program has seen crazy success with just what Beachbody has put out. The Coach Basics program is a 60 day “challenge group” format for coaches to help launch your business.

What I have done here on Team Rhino is taken the 60 day format, condensed it down to 6 weeks (42 days) and reformatted the posts and assignments for our team. I think the resulting product, which is basically a hybrid of the Coach Basics and the mentoring groups I have already been running is going to be very helpful. In fact, Dave Ward is using the SAME format that we are using now with his groups…and it is working!

We are in the middle of our second official Crash Course. If you want to do this business you NEED to be a part of one of these groups!!!!

Here are the requirements for the group:
1) Finish 7 day training by the start date of the group
2) On Shakeology HD (very slightly negotiable)
3) Willing to purchase one book (less than $20), with a second one optional
4) Commit to about 1 hour per day working on the business via this group
5) Participate in the group throughout the 6 weeks…no lurkers allowed

Now, get signed up by filling out the form here: CLICK HERE