Team Rhino Activity Challenge

In the past, on Team Rhino, we have done all of our recognition around 3 things:

  1.  Success Club Points
  2.  Team Volume (sales volume)
  3.  Rank Advancements

Those are all great measures of success in the business, but they are all RESULTS of the activity you do on a daily basis.  They don’t always line up and tell the REAL story of who is doing well in the business.  As an example, someone could have 2 success club points during one calendar month and 14 the next month but feel worse than someone that had 5 each month because Success Club points are based on a calendar month and 5 is the minimum standard.

So, with that in mind, we’re starting an ACTIVITY-based monthly challenge here on Team Rhino complete with cash prizes.  The challenge will seek to promote and recognize the activities that produce the 3 results mentioned above AS WELL AS the results.

Here’s How it Works

  1. Everyone can log the simple activities that we know produce results in this business.  We’ve created a simple place to log the activity in the Team Rhino App or on the Team Rhino Training Site.
  2. Points will be awarded according to the Team Rhino Activity point system shown below
  3. At the end of each month, the top TRA point earners with a minimum of 2 SC points OR 300TV will receive a $50 cash prize!

Here’s How To Log Activity

  1. Download the Team Rhino App and register for an account.
  2. Log in to the app and go to the Coach Area
  3. Click on “Activity Tracker” and fill out the form each day.
  4. You can view your activity by clicking on “Your Activity”

NOTE:  You may also log activity at the Team Rhino Training Site on desktop by following the same basic steps.

Here’s How Points Are Calculated

  1. 1 point is awarded for every 10 new contacts, 10 new group invites, 10 new coaching invites, 10 new follow ups, or 10 new challenger check ins.  NOTE:  New contacts should only be counted if there is actual contact both ways!  Following people on Instagram is not the same as making a new contact.  There should be interaction to count a contact.
  2. 1 point is awarded for every team call you participate in live OR recording.  Only Team Rhino calls, Fit Club Network Calls and National Wake up calls count (maximum of 3 points per week).
  3. 1 point is awarded for every Success Club point (NOTE:  Your SC points will be awarded at the end of the month even if you don’t record them properly in the form).
  4. 1 point is awarded for every 50 Team Volume points (NOTE:  Team Volume is not recorded by you in the activity form.  It is reviewed from the back office so no need to try to enter it in the form).

Here’s How To Do It

Have you ever heard of doing a “Power Hour”?  Here’s an example of how you could organize a “Power Hour” to get this activity done.  This WILL drive results for your business

  • Spend 15 minutes making new contacts. Connect with new people in groups, make new FB friends and start conversations with them, Like some pics and send some DMs on Instagram.  Talk to people!!!!  If they interact, count it as a contact and write them down on your prospect list
  • Spend 10 minutes inviting people from your contact list to your next challenge
  • Spend 10 minutes inviting current challengers and customers and others to check out the business
  • Spend 10 minutes following up with previous invites and conversations
  • Spend 10 minutes checking in to all your challenge groups and making sure all of your challengers are on track.
  • Spend 5 minutes adding your numbers to the tracking area in the Team Rhino App.

If you do this power hour every day (or maybe you have time for 2 power hours), you will start to see how this activity translates to results.

Oh, and don’t forget to drink your Shakeology and do your workout and take 10 minutes for personal development!