September Crash Course and “What is Coaching?”

Hello Team Rhino!

Our next Crash Course starts on September 8th.  This will be a shortened group  You will need to dedicate 1 hour a day minimum and be serious about learning how to do this business.  If that’s you, email me at to get in the group.


Crash Course

– Sept 8-30th

– Sept 8 – 14th:  Work on learning how to have effective conversations and begin inviting for the “What is Coaching?” group

– Sept 15th – 23rd:  Work on organizing your business, treating it like a real business, and finding your drive to succeed as well as continuing to invite to the “What is Coaching?” group

– Sept 23rd – 30th:  “What is Coaching?” group.  This group will give your coach prospects a complete overview of what it means to be a coach.  So far, we have done two of these groups and the success has been phenomenal.  It releases the pressure from you as the inviter and from your prospects as they look into the business.  It’s incredible.

– Prerequisites include 7-day quickstart training completion and personal HD Shakeology order (slightly negotiable).



How do you apply for either of these?  Send an email with your interest to