Schedule Posts now available in Facebook!

Many of us use Hootsuite to auto-schedule posts in challenge groups. If you don’t know how to do that, you can check out this video:

However, we don’t often use it to schedule personal posts and “like” page posts because Facebook seems to limit the “reach” of posts by those third party tools. That doesn’t matter so much for groups where people get notifications and it’s a limited audience but it means a lot for your business page and personal profile. You WANT people to see your posts.

Fortunately for our business pages, there is a scheduling tool within Facebook where you can create posts and schedule them to post later without the viewing penalty that seems to come along with other scheduling tools. That tool was not available for your personal page until NOW!!! Check it out!

my profile facebook

LOL, fortunately for me, this comes at a time when my profile picture is taken over by the great giraffe riddle of 2013.

Anyway, one thing to note about this:
Seems to only be available from your profile view (can’t make a post from newsfeed view and schedule it)