RhiNOLA Retreat


We’re going to make Summit 2017 something to remember!

If you didn’t know already, Summit is moving to New Orleans for 2017 and Team Rhino is planning to come in FORCE.

So, we (as in me and my wife) have decided to plan a small team retreat to go along with Summit.

We don’t have ALL of the details yet but here is what we know now:

What We’re Doing

  • Qualifying Team Rhino members will fly into Summit on Monday night or Tuesday morning rather than Wednesday or Thursday
  • We’ll spend our time from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon touring New Orleans together.  We’ll experience the sites and the food and celebrate together before Summit starts.
  • Qualifying Team Rhino members will get $500 in travel cash to help with the extra days of lodging.
  • Some (if not all) of your meals and any incidentals (site seeing fees, transportation) during our tours and time together will be covered.

How To Qualify

There are multiple ways to qualify.  Each of the ways in the list below stands alone as a way to qualify.

  • Advance in rank 3 times between Summit 2016 and June 1, 2017 (Example:  If you are an emerald coach, you would need to advance to ruby, then Diamond, then 1 star diamond).  Your starting rank is your current lifetime rank (regaining a lost rank doesn’t count).
  • Paid rank of Diamond or above AND 50 total 2017 elite points by June 1, 2017
  • Paid rank of Diamond AND 7 or more months of SC 10 between Summit 2016 and June 1, 2017.  You must also make at least SC 5 in any months that you don’t make 10.
  • The Top Team Rhino Activity points earner who also makes SC 5 every month from Summit 2016 to (but not including) June 2017.  Learn how to earn Team Rhino Activity points HERE