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  1. Use the Memory Jogger and develop your list!
  2. Think about how you are going to Market your involvement with Beachbody and our products, but keep in mind that Marketing is NOT Inviting. Hang on for the Invitation process in this 7 Day training before you do that.
  3. Watch the following videos.  The first one is just an overview of the inviting process by Denise Needham.  Please don’t start to Invite people until you’ve completed Day 5 in our 7 Day training where we’ll talk more about it.  The second video will give you an overview of the Business Activity Tracker and Contact List you can use to create and track your list through the process.  The Tracker is available to download in the Reference Materials Section.
  4. NOTE:  We now have an web and phone app version of the Business Activity Tracker.  Instead of having to maintain an excel spreadsheet, you can enter contacts right into an app on your phone and even get reminders to follow up with them.  Search “invitetracker” in the app stores and use the web version at

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