Here Is Why You Need To Be There

Every year, Beachbody offers an amazing trip to an exotic destination.  In 2015 we took over the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun.  In 2016 we are boarding the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship (and we have the ENTIRE thing to ourselves).  In 2017 we head to Punta Cana and you can come with us.

Want a giant reason to join us in 2016 and crush 2016? Think two words: Punta Cana.

This amazing setting will be the official home to our twin 2017 Success Club trips on April 23rd – April 27th, 2017 and April 27th – May 1st, 2017.

Stunning, sandy beaches. Sparkling, crystal-clear water. Surreal adventure activities. There's a reason it's the most popular beach destination in the world.


"Punta Cana is the perfect backdrop for our 2017 Success Club trip. There's no better feeling than waking up to turquoise-blue waters and, of course, a few thousand fellow Beachbody® Coaches!"

Kelli Gilbert

SVP, Beachbody Global Events & Recognition.

Rockstar Treatment

Prepare for complete indulgence at the iconic Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  You'll be immersed in 13 sprawling pools. Nine tantalizing restaurants. An 18-hole championship golf course. Not to mention the thrill of the action-packed Hard Rock Casino and the glamorous ORO Nightclub.

Live Workouts with Trainers

You'll have the chance to workout LIVE with some of Beachbody's celebrity trainers that you will know and love!

Earn the Cost of the Trip

You will have the year of 2016 to earn your way on this trip.  Beachbody will pay all or part of the cost based on the work you do throughout 2016, and we'll teach you how to earn it.

"This resort is geared to give everyone the vacation experience they dream about all year long.  The rooms, the spa—everything is world class."

Kelli Gilbert

SVP, Beachbody Global Events & Recognition.

Here Is What You Need to Know To Make The Decision...

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    Join The Team

    Your first step is to make the decision and join the team. Just use the button at the bottom of this page and make sure you get a challenge pack during sign up so you can get started right.

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    Dedicate To The Training

    You'll go through our training system learn the basics. You'll learn everything from how to find new customers and help them, to how to talk with people effectively to add value to their lives, to the daily task that keeps you on track day to day.

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    Be Consistent

    Once you are trained, you will just have to do simple things consistently over the course of the year to make it to Punta Cana with us. The cool thing is that, if you make it to Punta Cana, you will have also built yourself a nice residual income!

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