June Training Groups (Crash Course and Getting Better)

Hello Team Rhino!


Crash Course

– 4 weeks long

– Starts June 2nd

– Will focus more on organization and vision for your business rather than technique and actions

– Prerequisites include 7-day quickstart training completion and personal HD Shakeology order (slightly negotiable).


Getting Better Training

– 4 weeks long

– Starts June 2nd

– Focus on conversation technique from initial interest all the way through the final enrollment

– Same prerequisites as Crash Course

– Here is an overview video of what this course will cover: http://youtu.be/bGrAdfS5sqg  NOTE:  PLEASE DON’T SHARE THIS VIDEO OPENLY.  IT IS UNLISTED IN YOUTUBE.


How do you apply for either of these?  Send an email with your interest to ryan@tribasetraining.com

NOTE: Several people did both of these courses at the same time last month. While the courses do not really overlap, the amount of info can be overwhelming. So, I would recommend doing one and then the other unless you have lots of time to focus on this stuff. One at a time is about right for most people. Start with the crash course and then do the other next month.