Invite Tracker Phone App and Website is LIVE!!!!!

Well, it is finally here!

The “Invite Tracker” is live in both the Apple Store and the Google Play store for your iPhone and Android devices.

The Invite Tracker is a lead management tool that can be used in place of the “Business Activity Tracker” or “BAT”.  You can add a lead into the program with all contact details, track them through all steps of the invite process and mark them as complete after the sale. You can also set follow up dates and get push notifications from your phone when it is time to follow up!

In addition, there is a fully synced website version at

To get the Invite Tracker for your mobile device, simply search “invitetracker” as one word in either of the stores.  You will have to register an account and the same account will work on the app and the website and all info will sync back and forth.

Use the Help tab on the website for instructions on how to use the program.