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This is one of the KEYS to getting started quickly:  Make use of "Third Party Tools" and established resources.  You do not need to be and should not expect yourself to be an expert at presenting the products or the business opportunity at first.  In fact, the most successful veteran coaches don't present the business one on one without the use of third party tools all the time even though they are good at it.  Why?  Because when you have a tool that explains it really well and you use it, you can reach a lot more people and it also makes it duplicable for those that aren't seasoned at presenting.

Your job is to project your enthusiasm and tell your story and then invite them to a third party tool.  We will explain EXACTLY how to invite in another lesson but for now, we want to go over the third party tools that we use most here on this team.  They are all located in one easy spot right here on teamrhinotraining.com.  Click the button below to go there and see them as we go through them. Those are the main tools that we use as third party tools to explain products and opportunities to prospects.  We will show you how to use them in the next few lessons.  For now, just know where to find them and review them yourself so you know which ones you like.

Third Party Tools

Action Items

  • Review the Third Party Tools Available
  • Know How To Get To The Tools
  • Pick the Tools That Fit Your Style
  • Save Direct Links To The Tools You Will Use Most

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