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Inviting is at the CORE of what we do.  If you aren't inviting people to join you, then you won't grow a business.  At this point, it's a good idea to go over WHAT you are inviting people to.  There are TONS of options here so let's just go over the concept first.

Inviting someone to be a PART of something is much more powerful than inviting someone to buy something.  It makes inviting easier to do and it's more attractive to those being invited.  The difference between inviting someone to buy a product and inviting someone to be a part of a group or business or movement can make all the difference for your business.

So, as you go about inviting, make sure you have something to invite people to be a PART of rather than just a product to buy.  The product purchase is part of the process of becoming part of the group or business...not the main focus.


  • Challenge Groups: This is where you invite customers. This is a VERY broad category of things you can invite people to.  Challenge groups can encompass everything from program challenge groups, to nutrition challenge groups, to hybrid challenge groups.  You can make up your own, join with another coach to run a group, or do it a completely new way.  Make sure you watch the video for more ideas.
  • The Business Opportunity: You will also be inviting people to join you as a coach.  Our business is a mix of signing up customers and signing up coaches.  We'll show you some great resources during this module to invite people to join as a coach.  Don't worry, you don't have to be an expert at it yet.

Now, don't worry...we will break down the inviting process for you.  You don't have to be an expert presenter.  We have some great tools for that.  You just need to be enthusiastic, passionate, bold, and authentic.

Action Items

  • Start Thinking About Your First Group/Challenge
  • Get Yourself Added To Any Challenges Your Upline Has
  • Make Sure You Have Your Top 10 List Ready For Inviting!
  • Begin Inviting A Few If You Feel Ready!

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