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You should have a pretty good list started by now.  If you don't have one...well, Get on it!  Now let's organize it a bit and get busy CONNECTING with these people so you can SHARE with them.


Your mindset when organizing your list is this:  The people that I relate with the best and have already developed some level of trust with will be most likely to listen to and be interested when I share my new venture so I want to organize my list to begin with those people while developing the relationship further with the rest of the list.


  • Not taking the time to organize the list
  • Focusing on people you have no trust with because it is less "risky" if they say no


  • Make a "10 in Play" section of your list. These are your top prospects that have either already expressed interest in your opportunity OR you think would be most interested.
  • Move people in and out of the "10 in Play" section as necessary (move out if they say "no thanks", move in if they express interest or you feel there is a good connection)
  • Start conversations for the purpose of connecting and developing the relationship further with people that are NOT in your "10 in Play" so that you can move them in later.

We will talk soon about how to really work with your "10 in Play" list.  If you feel comfortable introducing the opportunity to people on that list now that is up to you.  If not, the next few lessons are ALL ABOUT INVITING!

Action Items

  • Create Your Top 10 From Your List
  • Further Organize Your List If You Wish
  • Get Ready To Invite Your Top 10

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