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It's really important to learn how to present the opportunity you have to people in a way that is effective.  We will get there.  Before that though, you need to have people to present it to!!!  So, let's talk about how to be a PROFESSIONAL at never running out of people to talk to.  This is really important.  If you don't have a list, you don't have a business.


Your mindset when finding prospects is to CONNECT with everyone you possibly can but ESPECIALLY the type of people that you relate to the best.  You are not trying to SELL everyone you possibly can.  The more people you are connected with, the more people you can share with.  You are NOT going to spam people or annoy people.  You are going share and connect.  I promise.  So, set your mind that way


  • Making a mental list of 4 or 5 people that might be interested and just "starting with that". This is a sure fire way to get discouraged quickly.
  • Making a written list of 30 to 40 people and relying on it. This is BETTER than the mental list of 4 or 5 but it still runs out quickly.
  • Looking for shortcuts like buying a list of leads or tapping in to someone else's list
  • Leaving people off your list because of your own perception (they probably can't afford it, they wouldn't be interested, too young, too old, etc)


  • Make a comprehensive list of your current contacts.
  • Use a memory jogger (available in the coach online office) to help you remember people that you know
  • Find creative ways to say hi and get in contact with each person on the list. You don't have to do it all in a day but work your way through the list and say "Hi!"  Show them you care about them.  You don't need to pull out a sales pitch.  Just talk about life.  Beachbody is part of your life.
  • THE DIFFERENCE MAKER: Even while you have a huge list you haven't made it all the way through, make a promise to yourself that you will add 2 NEW PEOPLE to the list every single day.  Your mindset as you go out adding new people to your massive list of contacts is two-fold:
    • EVERYONE NEEDS WHAT WE HAVE: Everyone wants to feel better and be healthy.  No one wakes up and says "I sure hope I feel horrible today".  We have the easiest business to prospect for in the entire world because everyone needs what we have.
    • CONNECT NOT SPAM: Your mindset when adding to your list is to make a new friend...not a new customer.  That part will likely come later as they get to know you.  Think of trying to find two new people to show compassion to each day instead of two new people to bombard with your opportunity.

Action Items

  • Decide Where You Will Keep Your List
  • Create Your List (Use Memory Jogger)
  • Add To Your List EVERY DAY
  • Begin Conversations With At Least 3 People Today

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