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When you work your business, you must treat it as a BUSINESS and not a HOBBY.  If your mindset is "I will work it in my free time" and "I will work on it when I feel like it", you will never meet your goals.  Even if your goals are relatively small and you only want to make a few extra dollars a month, you have to treat it like a business and not a hobby.  Maybe it is a very part time business but your time and activity should be scheduled just like it would be with any other business that you want to be successful with.  Tell yourself that you are and will be a PROFESSIONAL at this...part time or not...a PROFESSIONAL.

When it comes to time management, your mindset should be this:  "I am building a business and not a hobby.  To do that, I need to set aside time in my schedule to build my business.  When it's time to work my business, I will focus on working my business.  When it is time to be other places (with my family, at my "9-5", etc), I will focus on those things."

  • Get a calendar (physical or electronic) and fill it out thoroughly. I recommend using Google Calendar because you can have it on your PC and your phone and it integrates with many other useful apps.  Use what works for you though.
  • Start with the most important priorities (which may not be this business) and work down in priority from there.
  • You may find that some lower priority items won't fit on the calendar AND allow you time to work your business. Sacrifices may very well be necessary IF you want to build this business.  Only you can decide that but don't leave it up to hope or you won't find the time.
  • Get commitment from your significant other or anyone else that may be affected by your new business hours.
  • Stick to your new schedule as closely as possible. We will talk about how to fill that time with productive and efficient activities but make sure you have the time set aside for now!

Action Items

  • Set Up A Calendar
  • Prioritize Your Time On Your Calendar
  • Set Aside Time For This Business
  • Get Buy-In From Your Family

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