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Social Media will be one of your biggest assets in this business.  You have to think about social media, most likely, in a NEW way in order to use it to build your business.  Your social media is NOT simply an advertising platform where you post sales ads hoping people will "message you for more info".  Your social media is a story-telling platform.  It is where you tell the story you developed in the last lesson.  Sometimes all at once by posting a longer video...but most often, you tell your story in small chunks on social media.

Whether you like it or not, people will put together a picture of who you are in their mind from the various puzzle pieces that you give them.  If you give them pieces of the puzzle that fit together to show a picture of a bitter person, an unhappy person, a know-it-all, a hypocrite or anything along those lines, you won't do well at attracting people to your business.  You must offer the puzzle pieces that people can put together to see who you really are.  Of course, who you really are must be attractive in order for people to be attracted, but my guess is that won't be a problem.  Most of the people that take an opportunity like this and run with it are very attractive people.  Your job on social media is to show people who you really are.  Vulnerability, authenticity, and positivity will be just a few of the buzz words that will describe your social media strategy.

We have developed a social media manual that will help you through this process!

Action Items

  • Download And Save Manual
  • Go Through Manual (Watch Video)
  • Create A Basic Action Plan For Social Media
  • Begin Working Your Plan NOW

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Social Media Manual

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