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Learning to tell your story (and knowing your story well) is a very important task as a coach.  The trust and relationship people feel they have with you is based on the story you have told them about yourself.

A couple of things about mindset:  1)  Your story is likely amazing and WILL inspire.  2)  There are many ways and situations in which you can tell your story.  Decide now to become an expert at telling your story in as many situations as possible. Practice the story you want to tell people about you.  3)  Only tell a story that is 100% true about yourself.

What do you want to be known for/as?  Take the time to do this exercise and find your personal "brand" so you can tell your story the right way: CLICK HERE for the exercise instructions:


Download Exercise

After you have an idea who you are talking to, you can begin telling your story to your audience. A great personal story usually has these major elements:

  • Where you WERE: Tell your audience where you were BEFORE
  • What Happened: Tell your audience why you decided to change.  What happened to make you want to change (or what IS happening that makes you want to change now)
  • What were the Results: When you changed, what were the results (the journey doesn't have to be complete to have SOME results to tell about now).
  • What lies in store: Tell your audience where you are going.  This leads to inviting them to come along with you...or more likely, them asking if they can come along.

Action Items

  • Download Personal Brand Exercise
  • Complete Personal Brand Exercise
  • Write Out Your Story
  • Begin Practicing Your Story

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