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Sometimes, what happens in MY personal life, as well as my business, is when I succeed, I slow down.  In my weight loss…if I’m standing on the scale daily and the number on the scale goes down, I tend to be a little more liberal in my choices…if the scale goes up, I tend to me a little more strict.  How this applies to business…if I have a lot of people contacting me about my business, I don’t work quite as hard.  If no one is contacting me, I do a lot of inviting…I post more to social media, I become a little desperate (at times).  Neither one of these scenarios is ideal.

So what is the ideal scenario?  Be consistent with the 3 vital behaviors no matter what the outcome.  Do the same behaviors regardless of the situation.  Daily do these behaviors…being a product of the product, inviting people, sharing the business opportunity and doing personal development…regardless of the result.

You will always have ups and downs in business, peaks and valleys…but the more consistent you are with the 3 vital behaviors, the less of those peaks and valleys you’ll have.

This business is about adding up small tasks done consistently over time to create HUGE success.  It's NOT about grand slam home runs that happen occasionally.

Here is a basic list of things to do EVERY DAY if you want to be successful:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Workout and Shakeology
  3. Add 2-5 new friends to your list
  4. Post consistently on Social Media (use social media 101 manual)
  5. Engage in team page and challenge groups
  6. Start new conversations and follow up on previous conversations
  7. Message Success Partner (you will want to get one of those!)

Action Items

  • Read Darren Hardy's "The Compound Effect"
  • Copy The Task List To Your Daily To Do List
  • Begin Doing The Daily Behaviors

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