About this Lesson

Staying engaged with the team is important to your success as a coach.  You are a part of something now.

I think about staying engaged in these two ways:

  • LIKE A FAMILY: What if you were a member of a family, but you never interacted with them…You never ate dinner with them…never went on dates with your wife…never went to any of your kids school activities.  How well would that be received and how strong would your family relationship be?  If there were BIG events like birthdays, weddings, graduations, family reunions…you never attended.  Perhaps you used the excuse that you didn’t have time or money.  Do you think that would be conducive to your family health?  You might even become disconnected and indifferent…do you think?
  • LIKE A SPORT/CLUB: What if you were part of a sport’s team but you never showed up for any of the practices, never hung out with any of the players, never learned to play the game better.  What if you were part of a club but never attended any of the meetings, never went to any of the events that were sponsored by the club, never payed your dues…just called yourself a club member…but never really participated.

If you’re a coach and you never attend any Events (Summit, Super Saturday) or meetings, or check into the team facebook page, or attend the team calls or participate in the team challenge groups…would you feel connected?

When you attend local events and meetings and destination events you feel a part of something bigger than yourself.  Just like when our challengers are active in Challenge group.  As a coach, being active in your team is crucial to the growth of your business.

Action Items

  • Make Sure You Are Connected To The Team Rhino FB Page
  • Put The Team Call On Your Calendar
  • Check In Regularly With Your Upline And Team

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