About this Lesson

One of your main goals for your first month in the business is to make Emerald Coach.  It's your first major rank milestone in the business and it comes with some major benefits to your business.  To go Emerald, you just need to sign up 2 active coaches below you.

There are many reasons you will want to go Emerald as soon as possible, but I will just give you my top 2 here:

  1. Most importantly, as an Emerald Coach, you begin to earn income in a second way:  You already earn income from your own retail commissions (25% of anything you sell), but as an Emerald you begin to earn from what your downline coaches sell in the form of Team Cycle Bonuses.  This is powerful.  Think about it like this:  If you open your own bakery and you are the only employee, you can only sell as much baked goods as you are capable of baking, displaying, and selling yourself.  You are limited by your own hours in the day and the number of tasks you can accomplish by yourself.  In order to grow your business past that point, you need to hire employees, begin to let them do some of the work, possibly open additional locations with managers, etc.  This is the same way rank advancements work.  When you add coaches to your business and increase in rank, it's like expanding your business beyond your own time and resource limitations...and, in this business, your new coaches can do the same thing with their business!
  2. Lead Programs:  As an Emerald Coach, you have one of the qualifications necessary to participate in the Team Beachbody lead programs.  You can read details on the lead programs in your Coach Online Office but basically Beachbody gives you free customers that came to the websites and bought products without having a coach.  They get assigned to you and all future purchases go through you!  You need to be Emerald to get them (in addition to a few other qualifications like earning success club and making sure your account is in good standing)

Action Items

  • Learn What It Takes To Be Emerald
  • Think Of At Least 5 People Who Might Want To Do This Too
  • Invite Your 5 Prospects Using The Skills From This Training

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