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I think this is an area that MANY coaches miss that can grow your business more than anything else.  So often, we think in terms of what we can do for someone related to health and fitness.  However, nothing builds trust and grows a relationship better than adding value to another person in an area that you do not directly benefit from as well.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with benefiting from the value you add to other people...such as offering a real solution to their struggle and getting a commission from the resulting sale.  However, the sale has to be a result of all the value you add and not the goal.  The value you add is your focus and you should think of it as adding value in ANY area you see the potential to do so even if it does not appear to directly lead toward a sale, coach sign-up or other reciprocal event.

Here is a very incomplete and short list of examples to get you thinking:

  1. If someone tells you they are getting ready to sell their house and you are friends with a really good and trusted Realtor, offer to make an introduction.  You will add value to both your Realtor friend AND your friend looking to sell their house.
  2. If someone tells you that they have an injury and you know a really good practitioner that works with that kind of injury such as a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist, make the referral.
  3. If someone tells you they don't know what to make for dinner tonight, tell them what you are making and send them the recipe!
  4. If someone tells you that they are struggling with how to discipline their kids and you know a great book that helped you, recommend the book (or even offer to sit down and talk about what you do with your kids).
  5. Just listen, smile, say hi, invite people to lunch and don't talk Beachbody, be a friend, do the little things.  Yes, I know that is more than one point.

You see the basic idea?  If you see a way to add value to others by making a referral or introduction, recommending a resource, or simply smiling, then do it!!!!

Action Items

  • Think About The Ways You Can Add Value
  • Write Down 3 New Ways You Can Add Value

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