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When you think about adding value to other people, you shouldn't think only in terms of how you can add value to them with Beachbody related activities...and we will cover many ways to add value outside of Beachbody in the next lesson.  However, there ARE certainly many ways to add value to others that ARE directly related to what you do as a coach.  So let's go through a short list of those:

  1. You add value by sharing your Beachbody story in an authentic way.
  2. You add value by providing a community of support and acceptance with your challenge groups and other resources you create.
  3. You add value by listening to and helping people identify the struggles and challenges that are holding them back.
  4. You add value by offering solutions to those struggles and challenges that really work.
  5. You add value by being an advocate for them with the company if they have a billing or shipping or product issue.
  6. You add value by recognizing them for their accomplishments in your groups and challenges.

That is really just the short list and some of them are quite broad.  Bottom line is that the value you add (and therefore the reason you get paid) is not your website portal to purchase products.  You add value and get paid based on listening, giving time, giving resources, being an advocate, being a cheerleader at times, and just focusing on your customer's success in whatever they want to achieve.  Think about adding value in terms of things you can offer to help your customer achieve the result they are looking for.

Action Items

  • Think About The Ways You Add Value

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