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We mentioned in the last lesson that one of the ways you can add value to other people is to become a better person YOURSELF.  You can do that in an number of ways but all of them fall under the heading of personal development.

I know some of you have are reading Go Pro by Eric Worre.  Others of you may have skipped that part and you aren't putting in the time with the reading.  Why not?  I am serious when I say that this is an important part of this business.  "Change your mind, change your life".  If you are done with Go Pro, read "The Go Giver".

Think of personal development as your mental fitness.  If you want to be a great football player, you have to be in peak physical condition for the role you play.  You can't skip that part.  Same goes for your business.  Your mind must be in peak condition to run this business.  If you talk to someone about your opportunity and you are mentally "out of shape", that will show.  You have to set your mind every day to where you want it to be.  It's a decision to do so...it doesn't just happen.  You have a good day because you do the right things to make it that way.  Personal development should be your start.  Physical activity and nutrition are involved too, but DON'T SKIP PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.  Increasing your skills and your value helps you add more value.

If you are one that hasn't read Go Pro, go download it now!!!!  Audio version, Kindle Version, paperback...I don't care.  If you are reading it, line up your next book from the recommendations in your New Coach manual that you downloaded in Lesson 1 of this training.  Tell us what book you are reading next in the comments of this post!!!!  I recommend "The Go Giver".

Other options for adding value:

-Gary Vaynerchuk books

- Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

- Crush It!

-The Art of Social Media - Guy Kawasaki (get the electronic version)

- Go Givers Sell More (second book in the Go Giver series)

Action Items

  • Finish Reading Go Pro
  • Line Up Your Next Book
  • Consider Other Ways Of Increasing Your Value

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