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Here is the guiding principle:  You get paid for the value you add to the "marketplace".

What does that mean?  It means that the more VALUE you add, the more you get PAID.


If you consider yourself as a distributor of Beachbody products and the only value you add to the marketplace is a website link or portal where people can purchase the products, then you haven't added much value.  Right?  How much is that worth?  There are tons of website links out there.  People can buy the products at thousands of different website links (other coach's links, amazon, ebay, Beachbody direct links, etc).  So, if you think that being a source to buy the products is how you add value, you are going to get paid accordingly (small value, small income).

If you consider yourself a provider of community and support and you truly work hard to provide the most amazing support to help people reach their goals, you have the opportunity to provide TONS of value...and then you have the potential to be paid accordingly.

How will you add value to the marketplace?  How will YOU become more valuable?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Think of what you needed the most (and still need) to be successful on your health journey and then find unique and interesting ways to offer EXACTLY THAT to people.
  2. Make yourself more valuable every day by becoming a better person inwardly.  A person with a better attitude, a person with a better outlook on life, a person that is more giving, a person that is more caring, etc.  Start with personal development.
  3. Challenge yourself to get better everyday outwardly.  Do your workouts and get stronger/faster, get up in front of people and learn to speak, learn to be comfortable in front of the camera, learn to teach, learn to lead people.

Action Items

  • Write Down 3 Ways You Can Add Value

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