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Many times, people will respond to a post on social media or will reach out to you with a message or comment like this:  "Hey!  I want to join your challenge.  I need to lose 10 lbs."  If you are doing the behaviors you have learned so far, this WILL begin to happen to you.

It's important to realize that, while this person seems to have said that they want to join your challenge, their statement usually tends to be more of a declaration of INTEREST rather than a declaration of commitment.  For this reason, sending them a link to order their challenge pack as a response to this message is NOT the best action.  Patience is required here.

This is where the mobile enrollment tool (see your New Coach User's Manual from Lesson 1) comes in handy.  In order to send them a link through the mobile enrollment tool, you need more info.  So, have patience and ask some questions that get you the info you need AND that also moves toward commitment.

This practice will help you close more sales and have less problems with people not following through with purchases and with joining your groups.

It's important to note that closing sales is not about convincing strategies or tricks.  Closing is about asking questions to solidify commitment and qualify the interested person.

Action Items

  • Begin Inviting If You Haven't Already
  • Practice The Concepts You Have Learned So Far

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