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Remember the "Farming" Analogy?  You can't harvest a crop until you have plowed the ground, planted the seeds, watered the seeds, weeded the crop, and prepared for harvest!  Your list should be organized from those that you have the MOST relationship with down to those that you barely know.

In order to move those that you barely know UP on the list so you have trust and relationship with them, you have to plant the seeds and water.  This happens by good old-fashioned conversation and caring about other people.  Simply ask people questions, listen to them, care about them, add value to their lives (more on that later) and be a friend.

People buy things from people they know, like and trust.

There is a helpful acronym for building relationships known as FORM.  Be careful not to use it robotically though.  It only works as a helpful reminder as you are truly caring about other people.  It stands for:

  • Family - Have conversations about family
  • Occupation - Have conversations about what people do for a living
  • Recreation - Have conversations about what people do for fun
  • Message - After you have built a relationship through conversation, you can bring your message (the invite).

So, this acronym simply reminds you to build relationships through conversations about Family, Occupation, and Recreation BEFORE bringing your message.

Action Items

  • Go Over Your List (Make Sure It Is Organized)
  • Begin Inviting Those That You Have Relationships With
  • FORM Relationships With More On Your List
  • Continue To Add To Your List

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