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Let's talk about how to INVITE people to check out the opportunities you have.

SALES PRESENTER MODE:  The most common mistake people make is turning themselves into a sales presenter when they invite.  They begin spouting information and facts, overcoming objections before they happen, trying to CONVINCE people, and doing all of the explaining themselves.

WEAK INVITATIONS:  Many people come across as unsure, needy, desperate for approval, and lacking overall confidence.  That produces a weak invitation that does not project confidence in what you have to offer.  It's very unattractive.

Remember the inviting mindset and the train analogy?  Keep that in mind as you go through this process.  this process is a general overview.  Make it your own with your own way of saying it, your own style, and your own flare.


  1. Be Excited:  "I have been having such a blast doing this...."
  2. Compliment:  You want to let the person know WHY you are inviting them to an opportunity.  It should be a compliment like "I thought of you because I have always respected you as a business person".
  3. Invite:  "Would you like to check out what I have been doing?"
  4. "If I, would you?"  (use third party tool):  "If I sent you a video on how it works, would you watch it?"
  5. Get Time Commitment:  "Great!  When do you think you would be able to watch it?"
  6. Confirm Time Commitment:  "OK.  So, you will have it watched and have all your questions by tomorrow at noon?"
  7. Schedule Next Call:  "OK, so if I call you around noon tomorrow, we can talk about it?"
  8. End conversation:  "Ok, awesome.  Talk to you tomorrow at noon"

BE CONFIDENT:  Invite them to an opportunity that you believe in.  You have no intention of changing direction or being upset if they say no.

Are you seeing the big picture here?  You show your excitement for what you are doing, offer it to others by asking if they want to take a look, use a third party tool to do the talking for you, follow up with them when they watch it, and then answer their questions.  This is really not complicated...it just takes consistency and determination.

Action Items

  • Learn The General Steps
  • Practice With Your Upline
  • Ask Questions in Team Rhino If You Have Any

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