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Think of the whole process of someone joining your challenge or business like growing a crop.  You cultivate it with care.  You till the soil (like getting to know someone), you plant seeds (like telling them your story), you water the seeds (like asking them questions about their life), you weed the crop (like removing objections or other obstacles), and then you harvest your crop (like inviting them to join you).  It's a process.

The people in your "10 in play" should be ready for harvest!  It's time to invite.

DO NOT think of this like hunting!  You are NOT waiting for someone to walk by so you can shoot at them.  You can give it a go that way but that is what the amateurs do and you are a professional.  You are like a farmer.


When you begin to talk to people about your business and share it with them, your mindset is one that looks like this:  "I am starting something incredible and I am really excited about it.  I am not an expert at it yet, but I WILL be and I am confident in where it is going to take me.  I would love to have YOU join WITH me on this journey."  Notice that the mindset is one of partnership at this point and not mentorship.  Don't pretend to be a mentor when you just start...be a partner.

It's like you have an open seat on a train to Results City and you are offering it to them.  You aren't emotionally attached to their decision.  You are just offering them the seat with confidence that the train is going to the right place.

Action Items

  • Get Your Mind Right
  • Talk To Your Upline About These Concepts
  • Ask Questions in Team Rhino If You Have Any

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