About this Lesson

Welcome to your New Coach Training.  You should at least have your call set up with your upline now.  Maybe you already had the call.  If you haven't done that yet, get that set up.  It's really important.

For today's lesson, we have created a "New Coach Owner's Manual" for you to download and go through.  This will give you the basics on how to be a coach.  It certainly is not a comprehensive training in itself but it does answer a lot of FAQs and gives you a good start with where things are and what you need to pay attention to.  So, simply download/view the manual and save it to your browser bookmarks or phone homescreen (link below) and make sure you are familiar with everything it goes over.  It's not long or difficult so don't get overwhelmed.  Just go through it slide by slide with us in the video above.

Action Items

  • Download And Save Manual
  • Go Through Manual (Watch Video)
  • Complete Any Actions In Manual (EFT, Profile, ETC)
  • Get First Two Personal Development Books

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New Coach Owner's Manual

Download Manual

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