Team Rhino is a group of Independent Team Beachbody Coaches led by Star Diamond Coach Ryan Chapman.

You can read Ryan’s personal weight loss and fitness story on his site:  [link_button button_text=”Ryan’s Story” link_url=”” /]

Ryan started as a coach with Team Beachbody in early 2010 upon having incredible success with improving running and triathlon performance using P90X.  He spent the first year and a half working a full time job as an engineer, a side job as a triathlon coach, and dabbling in the Beachbody coaching with limited success.  In late 2011, Beachbody introduced the Beachbody Challenge and the idea of forming challenge groups.  That change in focus led to substantial success with Beachbody and the ability to quit his full time engineering job in March of 2012.  Since then, Ryan has been a full time father, Beachbody Coach, and triathlon coach and wouldn’t trade it for the world.


The name Team Rhino was born in 2011 when Team Rhino member Marc Cancilla started calling Ryan by the nickname “Rhino”.  He told Ryan, “I’m Italian…you get a nickname…deal with it”.  So, Ryan adopted the nickname and Team Rhino was born.


It turns out the Rhino is actually an awesome symbol of leadership and a great name for a team such as ours.

“If you want to see leadership, visit the zoo and head to the rhinoceros—the greatest role model for leadership. Why the rhino? He’s sensitive to his environment and a great listener. Listening is a key in leadership.  The rhino is thick-skinned, well-balanced (on his large three-toed feet) and poised, despite his ungainly appearance. And like a future-focused leader, the rhino is hard-charging when necessary, and he knows when to rest. He’s aware of what other animals in the vicinity are doing, but he doesn’t tailor his behavior to match or accommodate theirs. Great leaders set the pace, and like rhinos, are strong enough to carry the weight of the world on their well armored shoulders.

To succeed today, you need to emulate rhinos. Leaders with a rhino-like mind-set never assume that the environment determines their success. They know they can attract and make money in any economy. In fact, strategically minded leaders with aggressive mentalities thrive during recessionary periods. Their competitors tend to fold when the economy sours, leaving the field wide open for rhino-leaders to charge.” – Christian D. Warren

On Team Rhino, we call ourselves a “crash” just like a group of Rhinos.  Our saying is “Make Way for the Crash”.  We are like a family and we hope that you become a part of our family if you are not already.